Rental Application Process

The application process is really at the heart of any future success F&W will have, because we want to provide great tenants for our clients.

There are a lot of people offering leasing, but they are probably not as thorough as we are, nor as conscientious. This is an integrity issue, in my opinion. Moreover, if we are managing the property, we don't want problem tenants - certainly not of our own creation!

It is also very important that the same rules apply to all applicants. It's very tempting to give someone with an 800 credit score a pass. But, I have had such a tenant default on a lease. Moreover, I've had people for whom I've been unable to get a thorough tenant review who were nightmare tenants. Sometimes there is a reason their  management company makes it difficult to complete this part of the process. They don't want to lie, but they want the tenant gone!

Every tenant over the age of 18 must submit an application plus a $30 application fee.  Here is the application: Rental application and Rental Application Cover Sheet

We run credit and criminal first and then present to owner - the owner decides whether to move forward or not.  In a multiple application process we process the applications on a first come first serve with complete application – all applications must be signed, we must have applications from all applicants, or at least enough to satisfy the income requirement, and all information filled in and the fee paid.

1. Credit/eviction/bankruptcy check;
2. Present to owner/client and see if you should proceed
3. Employment check (verify income, if hourly number of hours on average)
4. Tenant reference

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    Cincinnati, OH
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